Angora rabbit

The angora is a type of fine wool made from the fur of the Angora rabbit. This rabbit, large-bodied, it is white in color and covered by a long-haired and soft; originating in Turkey, became widespread in Europe in the eighteenth century. His hair grows quickly, the shearing is done every three months and produces about 250 g. wool.

The largest producer of Angora wool is, at present, China.
The mohair, wool produced by the Angora goat, Angora wool is not.


Angora wool has a swollen hand, slippery, warm, soft, and has shiny appearance. The thickness of the fiber is from 10 to 12 microns. Not having much resistance to wear and to washing, is used to produce yarn only in blends with fine wool, mohair, alpaca or silk. The compound, in addition to flesh out the yarn, serves to mitigate the high cost anyway.

It is used to produce high-quality garments, with both knitting and weaving, the great softness and delicacy make it perfect for children’s clothing and women’s underwear or hot.

The angora you can also pick up directly from the angora rabbits, after shearing. The fiber is also used for stockings.