The history of our family

It all started from the cocoon of silk , towards the end of the last century , when the company started its activity as a silk mill , the cocoon to the wire. It was transformed in 1948 in Weaving , widening its scope also to wool and all’alpaca . During the years the business has intensified with the production of accessories such as scarves , shawls , capes , scarves , gloves . The sector has a small niche in the fashion world , has carved out an important space being present in the national network and reserving part of its production to overseas markets such as Europe, North America.La philosophy of the company focuses on the quality of chiefs, always innovative.

Tessitura La Colombina was born in 1948 after a process of transformation from Filanda di seta (Silk Spinning Mill) in weaving of wool fashion product producer.
Already at the beginning of the last century the Colombo family had undertaken the processing of silkworms in Brianza (Villa Romano near Inverigo).

The farmers cultivated mulberry trees with which they feed the bugs; then all the cocoons were brought to the mill, where Mr. Angelo Colombo, thanks to his experience, was evaluating the quality of the product. These were then washed and spun by, so called, spinners and then sold to the textures.

In early 900, with the raising silk demand for war purposes, the Colombo family bought in Galliera Veneta (Padua) another mill, in order to expand the production capacity. Angelo Colombo moved here with his wife Savina Sommaruga and had three sons: Mario, Joseph (moved to Gandia - Spain to run a spinning mill) and Placidia.
In Mid-30s, the company acquired the Filanda Badoere (Treviso) employing more than 120 people starting the industrial area.
Since Lombardy region (Milan) was increasingly being  industrialized the family decided in the early ’40s to concentrate all its investments in Badoere and decided to close other properties.

Here Mario Colombo and his wife Erina Gianola transformed the company in a weaving factory. The change was necessary due to the high costs and the substantial imports from the far  East of silky fibers.

At the beginning all the production, blankets for babies in wool and fibers, gloves, hats, were hand made, changing in the early ’50s type of work.

The labor force was still high and the research and development were the solid strenght of the family.
Throughout the years Vicuna and other fabrics have been transformed and worked for various fashion Italian industries.

The company also had a show room in Venice.

In the 70s, the company acquired hand frames for a more artisanal production, where Joseph Colombo, Mario’s son, began the third generation business. Joseph had specialized in the fashion accessories, using the colors his distinguish method: pre-dyed yarns masterfully coupled in drawings and carvings designs.

The connection with the homeland Lombardy has never been abandoned and resumed, in the late ’80s, trading with Como, evaluating, and choosing, the best silks to manufacture and sell. The fourth generation is then starting taking over under the direction of  Giuseppe and his son, Mario, with the aim of being recognized in the fashion accessories business.
The company develops with its own brands scarves, gloves, hats, bags, coats, always looking for trends.
The 100% Cashmere fiber is the top quality material the company has transformed into soft knitwear.