a world of yarn

The textile fiber is the set of fibrous products which, by their structure, length, strength and elasticity, have the property of join, through spinning, in thin wires, tenacious and flexible that are used in the textile industry for the manufacture yarns, which, in turn, are processed into fabrics by machining (through weaving) or knits (jersey). It defines the set of wire filaments or of continuous filaments, that is, of unlimited length, is twisted not twisted, while for the yarn includes a set of discontinuous fibers joined by means of torsion.

The natural fibers are those that exist in nature, tecnofibre - more commonly known as man-made fibers - on the other hand are those produced by man through the use of chemicals. The tecnofibre are divided into artificial if produced from organic polymers of natural origin (cellulose etc.), Synthetic if produced by synthetic polymers (that is, unlike the artificial fibers the starting polymer does not already exist in nature but is synthesized from ’man), whether produced by inorganic minerals or inorganic substances, ie without carbon.